Our Promise

We promise to be on time for each engagement in a clean, well-maintained car that is smoke-free.

We promise to always carry essential emergency contact information for family and local services in case of emergency.

All information, including emergency contact information, billing or credit information is secure for your protection.

What are concierge services?

A concierge assists clients with tasks in order to simplify their daily living. Just as a concierge in a five star hotel provides all sorts of services and information to the hotel’s clientele, likewise, Golden Harmony offers tailored services to enable independent living and a better quality of life.

How do you handle billing and how will I be transported?

We offer an hourly rate. After the one hour minimum, the time is billed in 15 minute increments. We promise to be on time for each engagement in a clean, well-maintained car that is smoke-free.

I love to be about town. Where are the places you go?

We are currently serving clients in Raleigh and surrounding areas.

Is Golden Harmony NC licensed and insured in the state of North Carolina?

Yes. We are licensed through the NC Department of Health and Human Services. Golden Harmony is covered by General and Professional Insurance.

How do you report to a family member?

Your privacy is important and we follow HIPPA compliance with each senior we serve. When requested, we stay in contact with a designated family representative for each client for reporting purposes. All reports are first reviewed with the client and then forwarded to the representative with the client’s consent. Our reporting will provide to the family a first-hand perspective of the well-being and needs of each of our senior clients. We always carry necessary information to contact a relative or designated emergency contact person in case of emergency

Who are the companions that will be assisting me?

Each of our companions love interacting and look forward to getting to know you and your story. They are well educated and have passed a rigorous background check including a clean driving record. We are all insured and bonded for your protection. Learn more about our staff

We love our companion so much. How do we give them a tip?

Although we appreciate that you would like to thank our staff, we ask that you DO NOT tip our companions. We take pride in being there when you need us and that’s enough tip for us.

How can I purchase some time for my parent?

A gift certificate is a gentle way for a concerned family member to purchase a package to introduce the senior to our services. This can be especially helpful when your loved one does not see the need. Often an outsider can see more clearly and recognize the value of our services and how they can offer convenience, comfort, more free time and peace of mind.

Do your companions have their driving record and background checked?

All our companions have passed a rigorous background check including a clear driving record. All our employees are insured and bonded for your protection.

Do you secure our health records or visits with our doctors?

We believe your health and privacy is important to keep secure. We only ask for the medical information that may be necessary in case of an emergency and we are HIPPA Compliant. We will ask for a list of emergency contact information, including family, friends, or physicians for emergency situations.

Get started today with your companion!

As you age, sometimes you need a little assistance. Having to ask and wait on friends and family so you can finish projects or run errands can be hard. We provide a variety of services, so you can continue living independently for as long as possible.