Working with seniors so they can remain active and live at home is not just a job but a passion. We believe you are more than just a client. You are full of wisdom, a friend, and mentor.

Jen Stengl, Owner

“I started Golden Harmony after my own stressful experience of being a long distance daughter for my mother. Due to a severe illness which required an extended hospitalization and months of home recovery, I took on the task of trying to meet her needs while also taking care of my own family. With the many eight-hour round-trip drives to and from my home to hers, I had ample opportunity to reflect upon the types of services a concierge business such as mine should provide. During this difficult time with my own mother, I wanted a service that would provide loving, professional help with daily responsibilities thus allowing aging adults and their family to have the time and space to simply love and enjoy each other.

Though I have a natural affinity for enjoying the presence of all people, it is seniors who I have always felt particularly drawn to. I attribute this quality to the extraordinary influence my grandparents had in my life. Their love, guidance, and wisdom are a large part of who I am today.”

Out of a love for seniors who want to remain independent and their families who aren’t always able to help, Golden Harmony was born. Our mission is to bridge the gap and allow seniors to have fun and remain active assisting with tasks that are not always easy for them. Jen has been married to David since 1999 and has three bright and spirited children. They happily live in Wake Forest area with their beloved schnauzer, Stella.

Marilou Lachance

“Seniors have so much knowledge to share and it’s such a joy to hear about their past and their knowledge while helping them. Every outing or activity is so much fun and I truly enjoy helping them do the things they love or providing an extra hand when they need it. I care deeply about the people I work with and see them as friends who impact my life greatly and I hope to make a difference in their life as much as they do to mine.”

Marilou married her high school sweetheart, Frédérick and has two wonderful children, Nellie and Thomas.  Originally from a small Canadian town in the province of Québec, she speaks French fluently.  They occasionally miss Québec winters, but Marilou and her husband have found Wake Forest to be the perfect place to raise a family and feel fortunate to call both Québec and North Carolina home!

Marilou has a bachelor degree in Educational Psychology and her masters in Gerontology. Her experience and love for working with seniors led her to Golden Harmony, making a difference the the lives of seniors.

Raynie Escobedo

“Older adults have such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from life experiences. Car rides to appointments with clients give them the opportunity to share their experiences and let us learn from one another, especially their perspective on work, family and what is truly important. Some of the seniors have difficulty doing things on their own and it brings me great pleasure knowing I’m able to help them keep their independence, and build relationships with while we are together. That’s why I love working at Golden Harmony.”

Raynie was raised in Texas and earned her Master’s degree in Social work form Texas State University. Raynie spent the early part of her career as a nursing home social worker working with patients on the Alzheimer’s unit. For eight years, she worked for Disability Determination Services, assisting clients with their Social Security Disability benefits.

Relocating to Wake Forest in 2009 Raynie knew immediately North Carolina would be her family’s permanent home and where she and her husband would raise their son and daughter. In her free time, Raynie enjoys reading, being outdoors, camping in their travel trailer and spending time with family.

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