Living the Life You Choose

Senior Assistance when you need it so you can remain confident, active and independent at home.

I felt isolated by my inability to get out and drive. My quality of life has greatly improved after calling Golden Harmony. We have good conversation while getting out and about for appointments, errands, and excursions around town.

Patsy Lerner

You don’t have to wait, when you have things to do.

Seniors have a full and busy life. There are events to attend, errands to run, appointments to keep, and projects that won’t slow you down.

You’ve noticed that although you have things you want to do, you need a little assistance.

Friends and family help occasionally, but they can’t always be there. You should be able to call someone you can trust to give you a hand, and keep doing the things you want.


Use as little or as often as you like, with no contract or required number of hours for services.


Enjoy the freedom of getting to appointments or running errands when you want to.


A Trusted Companion who enjoys providing the assistance you need, whenever you need it.

Ready to meet your companion?


Step 1

Visit with our companion


Step 2

Schedule an outing


Step 3

Explore and have fun with independence.

Ken & Marty Wilcox

“We were new to the area and were concerned about driving and getting lost. We felt stuck but wanted to continue doing the things we love like shopping, eating out and making appointments. Golden Harmony staff are quality people whose knowledge of the area gave us confidence we would get where we needed to be on time. I don’t hesitate to recommend their services and appreciate all they have done for us.”

Nina Norton

“I was unable to drive, keeping me at home feeling alone and stranded. Golden Harmony allows me to get out and do the things I want and need to get accomplished, giving me something to look forward to certain days of the week. Because of them, I have a new perspective and new lease on life because I’m engaged and active in my life again.”

Suzanne (Daughter to GHC Client)

“I worried pretty much nonstop about my mothers quality of life. Her transition to a dependent lifestyle happened rapidly and I felt it was important that she be able to spend time with someone who would be more a companion than a caregiver. Since using Golden Harmony, my mother is happier and looks forward to visiting with Marilou and considers her a friend. It has been everything I would have hoped for and I feel a lot less guilt because I know Mom is with someone so interested in making her life better.”

Assistance you need
to live life on your terms.



Grocery shopping, general shopping, or other errands you want to do.



Appointments, shopping, or any outing with reliable transportation you can trust.



Conversation while taking a walk, playing a game, or doing your favorite hobby


Home Assistance

Coordinating appointments, scheduling service providers, or organizing your home so you don’t have to.



Have all your electronics set up and organized so you can talk with your family and friends.


Social Outings

Take that trip to the museum, sporting events, or just a day shopping with lunch.

Get started today with your companion!

As you age, sometimes you need a little assistance. Having to ask and wait on friends and family so you can finish projects or run errands can be hard. We provide a variety of services, so you can continue living independently for as long as possible.